Express 4 Power    Custom and Express Models
Performance mouthpieces for ALL SPORTS!
Performance is defined as a carrying out or accomplishment of specific physical activities or procedures.  The degree of success at performing a task is influenced at a subconscious level by an interaction of perception, training, skill, practice, strength, physiological, psychological, neurological, genetic and socio-cultural factors.  Performance does not equate to strength alone. Sports performance is a more complex premise.

In recent years, performance enhancement has begun to focus on neurologic facilitation.  The human brain has a finite number of neural circuits.  When the brain's circuitry is not cluttered, it performs at optimal speed and brain function is termed "facilitated".  when the brain's circuits are overloaded with superfluous input, its speed and execution of function become reduced and this condition is referred to as "inhibited".  Neural recruitment to coordinate as many motor units as possible to develop maximal force defines the term "facilitation".  Facilitation encompasses a number of factors such as:  selective activation of motor units, increasing firing frequencies of nerve impulses, increasing recruitment of motor units and cocontraction of agonists.  

Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) is a system of functional neurological assessment used to guide clinicians to therapeutic measures that restore optimal neurological, respiratory, and postural functioning.  MMT measures a muscle's response to changing pressure over approximately a one to three second test period.  the muscle is tested in a relatively isometric manner at either its most shortened position or in the middle of its range of motion. Based on its response to MMT, muscle status is said to be either inhibited, the proper term describing the inability to resist pressure over a one to three second test period or facilitated,  the proper term describing the ability to maintain the test position over a one to three second period.  MMT is almost never indicative of pathology or disease of the muscle or nerves. Failure of a muscle to meet demands of MMT cannot be simply attributed to fatigue and neuropathy and have been shown to have an association with neural control.  If it is reasonable to assume that conditionally facilitated is better than inhibited, then MMT guides us to a maxillo-mandibular position that facillitate optimal neural function, or performance. 

The Express 4 Power correlates a custom made mouthpiece with nervous system channeling to facilitate optimal physiologic activity.  It provides a method and device for registering the appropriate head, mouth, pharyngeal and body posture to facilitate optimal performance of physiologic movement, biomechanical balance, range of motion and airway patency for human beings.  It provides a custom laboratory fabricated mouthpiece to establish this position of neurologic facilitation.