Express 4 Power    Custom and Express Models
Performance mouthpieces for ALL SPORTS!

Desirable features of Express 4 Power performance mouthpiece:

  1.  When the head is ideally balanced on the spinal column, the              nervous system is facilitated for optimal performance
  2.  Head balance for facilitated athletic performance is achieved by        proper positioning of the jaws in a custom mouthpiece
  3.  This jaw positioning is precise and sensitive to within 1/2mm in        3 dimensions
  4.  When the jaws are properly positioned for optimal head balance        in a custom mouthpiece, facilitation of athletic performance is          achieved for all sports
  5.  The airway is dilated for better breathing
  6.  The neck muscles are strengthened making them more                    resistant to concussion
  7.  Overall strength is increased
  8.  Neurological performance is facilitated
  9.  The athlete can talk and take a drink with it in place
10.  It is so comfortable it stays in the mouth
11.  Open anterior allows increased volume of space for the tongue.
12.  Increased body flexibility
13.  Increased range of motion
14.  Enhanced core balance
15.  Unloads pressure on the TMJ's preventing damage from                    clenching and jaw trauma
16.  Customized for each sport