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There are 3 distinct types of MTBIs
1. Jaw impact

A traumatic blow to the chin can be forceful enough that the top of the jaw perforates into the skull causing damage to the temporal lobe of the brain. Express 4 Power, a well-fitted, well-designed dual-arch sports mouthpiece properly distracts the jaws from their sockets and substantially reduces the risk of temporal lobe perforation.

2. Head Impact

When a head is hit with substantial force it moves as a result of the impact. When it abruptly stops moving, the brain floating in a sac of cerebrospinal fluid inside the skull, may bang against the inside of the skull (coup injury). A rebound effect on the head may cause the brain to hit again on the side of the brain opposite the impact as well (contra coup injury). The fragile brain tissue can become bruised or even tear if its location proximate the sharp bony ridges inside the skull. This type of TBI can occur at any lobe of the cerebrum. Bleeding, inflammation and swelling can result in damage to the brain tissue.

3. Body Impact

Concussions can even occur without direct impact to the head. Trauma to the chest and back of sufficient strength can cause whiplash to the head, resulting in concussion of the brain without a blow directly to the head. Delicate nerve cells in the cervical area are stretched, and along with the brain banging against the inside of the skull can cause irreversible damage to the brain. When the head is more of a unit with the rest of the body, the neck mitigates the resultant acceleration force. Neck strength reduces rotational movement of the head from impulsive body trauma and thus reduces the risk of concussions. Neck strength can be increased with the correct mouthpiece fabricated in the correct maxilla-mandibular position to elicit facilitation.